The ranch includes 5,000 acres of land with some areas densely covered with shin oak, other areas less dense with live oak trees and scattered open flats.
The entrance to the ranch is exactly five miles west of Mountain Home, Texas on the south side of Highway 41.

1. Guns and Ammunition: Furnished by our ranch at no charge, if hunter desires.
2. Time of the year for hunting: September and October are best for more perfect trophies and heavy, fat-bodied animals. The best time to hunt varies for some deer, depending on when they lose their antlers and when the antlers are grown complete again. Most deer have complete antler growth by September 1st and lose them in March. A buck harvested soon after antler maturity would have a more perfect rack free of broken points that result from fighting during mating season. Antelope and Wild Rams never shed their horns so they are hunted all year. All game animals are free roaming and free roaming, creating fair chase hunts.
3. Guides and Cost of Transportation: A Guide and Transportation at the Ranch will be furnished for each hunter at no charge.
4. Price or Cost of Hunt: There will be no charge whatsoever made by the ranch for the hunt other than that listed for each animal killed or wounded.
5. Lodging accommodations: Please contact ranch for information on available lodging.

Texas Hunters Paradise

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Priour Hunting Ranch – John Huber -Manager

1556 Highway 41
Mt. Home, Texas 78058
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