In the 1960’s, J.W. Priour, Jr. and his brother, H.Dale Priour, expanded the 100 year old family ranch by purchasing a contiguous ranch. They has a dream ro begin a trophy hunting ranch not only with native game, but with animals from all over the world. They not only wanted a variety of game animals, but they wanted to acquire and raise the best. The two brothers worked extremely hard to game fence the perimeter of the ranch and then started purchasing and catching the very best animals they could find.

The Priour Ranch has attracted such legend hunters as Jack O’Connor, Byron Dalrymple, Herb Klien as well as NFL players and Rock Stars.

After J.W.’s death, Dale worked hard to continue the dream. He was successful in improving the native whitetail as well as improving bloodlines to raise some of the finest Dybowski Sika, Trophy Red Stag, SCI certified herd of Afghan Urial any many endangered species. The Priour Ranch , from it’s inception, has produced many trophy animals which is substantiated in many record books.

It is now the desire of the sons and daughters of the two brothers to continue the successful dream.

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